My Story

20 Floreat Ave, Floreat, WA, 6014, Australia

​Born in Melbourne, Australia on the 1st of August, 1996, Richard Lilje epitomizes the typical
Aussie in that he is a fun loving, free spirit with a zest for life. He is a singer/songwriter who
uses his voice, guitar and loop pedal to express his enthusiasm in a pop/folk mix.
Richard started learning guitar at 9 years of age and began voice coaching and musical
theatre from the age of 15. By 17 he could be heard busking around Perth and performing
in places such as Mojos in Fremantle. From May 2014 Richard busked his way around
Europe, eventually performing at gigs and a festival in Kingston, London. This lead to
recording his song “In my Head” with a producer in London. This song as well as others can
be heard on his first album, “Coffee Stains”.
Richard has recorded and collaborated with Lee Buddle at Crank Recording and Kamando Sikazwe at Hit Records.